What’s Better: Tap, Bottled or Filtered Water?

Go back in time many years and the only way to get your hands on drinking water was straight from the tap.
While this is still an option in today’s day and age, there are several others to consider. If you’re concerned about what you’re putting into your body, you’ll definitely want to look into other options that may be better for your health.

Let’s start with a brief glance at the three most common forms of drinking water:

  • Tap water: it’s the most affordable option, but you’re also taking a risk in regards to poor water quality (which can include the possibility of chemicals).
  • Bottled water: it’s more expensive than tap water, but the convenience factor is what drives many people toward this option.
  • Filtered water: if health and safety are important to you, filtered water is the way to go. With the right filter in place you never have to worry about pesticides, metals, or bacteria making its way into your water. Also, it’s affordable and convenient.

What’s the Problem with Tap Water?

Since most people have access to tap water, they assume it’s perfectly fine to drink. Although that should be the case, it doesn’t always hold true.

Here are some of the many hidden dangers potentially lurking in tap water:

  • Lead: it’s been found in municipal water time and time again, and has the potential to impact your health in a number of ways.
  • Fluoride: there was a time when it was believed that drinking tap water for the fluoride was a good idea, however, recent studies have proven that too much of this can actually damage teeth.
  • Bacteria: tap water can contain a variety of bacteria, such as trace amounts of E. Coli. While it’s your hope that bacteria is killed before making its way into your home, there’s no guarantee.

How to Drink Nothing But High Quality Water

It’s not always easy to drink water in your preferred form, but here are some tips for ensuring that you access nothing but the highest quality:

  • Check with your local agencies to ensure that your tap water is being tested regularly (even if you don’t have plans to drink it)
  • Avoid drinking from plastic bottles, as BPA could be released from the packaging and into the water
  • Install a water filtration system in your home

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see that filtered water is the big winner. When possible, this is the type of water you should be drinking.

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