The Right Water Cooler For Your Office

Don’t let anyone tell you that an office water cooler is antiquated. Despite the popularity growth of bottled water and filtration systems, this is still one of the best ways to provide your employees with a cool cup of water at any time of the day.

Selecting the right water cooler for your office sounds easy enough, until you realize just how many options you have. Here are some of the basic questions you need to answer:

  • What size water cooler is best for your office?
  • Do you need one water cooler, or does it make more sense to have several?
  • What type of water cooler are you most interested in?
  • Do you have a water cooler delivery company in mind?
  • Are you interested in any specific features?
  • Do you understand the pros and cons associated with both free-standing and counter top water dispensers?

It’s these types of questions that will help you move closer to choosing the right water cooler for your office.

Location, Location, Location

Once you decide that a water cooler is a good addition to your office, it’s time to choose the right location.

Fortunately, you can install a cooler in pretty much any location, ranging from a kitchen to a break room to a hallway.

The location you choose is important, as you want your employees (and maybe your customers) to have easy access. If you place your water cooler in a difficult to access location, some people may shy away from using it as often as they would like.

Here are some points of consideration:

  • How far will your employees and visitors have to walk to access the water cooler?
  • Do you have enough space to put the water cooler where you want?
  • Will the water cooler prevent people from walking in a natural manner?

Tip: you don’t have to choose a location and then stick with it. If you don’t like your first choice, you can always move your water cooler until you find something that better suits you and your space.

Final Tips

A water cooler can make for a great addition to any office. If you’re ready to push forward, here are some final tips to help power your decision:

  • Choose a stylish design, as you don’t want your water cooler to look out of place
  • Hassle free installation is extremely important (especially if you may want to move your cooler in the future)
  • Search for the most environmentally friendly option

With all this information and advice, you’re in position to confidently choose the right water cooler for your office.

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